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Foster Program

Help Us Help Them.
Being a small shelter who covers all of Pulaski County, we rely on foster homes more than ever.  We take a range of dogs and cats including young, sick, injured, or under-socialized animals. Volunteer foster families give us the ability to keep taking in these animals.
This extra care that foster families provide is so crucial, whether it is an orphaned kitten needing bottle fed, or a dog that just needs help overcoming some fear to senior pets needing a warm home and love the last part of their life. You can be the difference they need.

When you become a foster everything you will need is provided by the shelter. From food to kennels, we set you up for the easiest experience possible.

Fostering is a commitment until space is available at the shelter or a forever home is found.

Our fosters reserve the right to deny applications, post on all social media and do meet and greets with potential families. 

Click to download our Foster Appilcation

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